Memorex or Pioneer



There is about a $20 difference between the Memorex 8x and the Pioneer 107 currently. If I buy the Memorex and I flash it to the Pioneer firmware, will the software included recognize the drive? I’ve had this issue before with cdrw’s that the version of Nero included would only recgnize the included cd drive and no other even though they were similar.

 Any savings on the Memorex go out the window if I have to buy new burning software.  Any experience appreciated.:)


Well if the drive ships with model-related software it will officially became useless - it’s the case of Nero who has different serial numbers based on the OEM model it is sold with.


You have nothing to worry about! I picked up a Memorex True8X drive a couple of days ago, flashed the firmware to Pioneer 107D. Then I installed Nero that came with it, works fine with the drive being Pioneer, even though the software CD says “Nero 6 Memorex Suite”. So I guess they stopped checking for the actual drive model.



Thanks for the responses.