Memorex now offers DVD media for home video recorder devices



I just posted the article Memorex now offers DVD media for home video recorder devices.

Sept. 12 /PRNewswire/ – The home video DVD recorder market is expected to hit
new heights this holiday season, and Memorex is first to market with digital

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Why not Rewritable Atomic Holographic Storage ? 6,840 raw uncompressed TV hours on 10 terabyte 3.5 in. removable disc. - highest analog / digital capacity available - lowest cost per gigabyte - longest archive shelf life of any data storage media - widest environmental conditions and tolerances - only technology that scales from nano to macro solutions - most reliable media available - highest bandwidth data transfer potential - direct replacement for hard disk drives The expected cost of the Atomic Holographic DVR disc drive will be from $ 570 to $ 750 with the replacement discs for $ 45. How can CD / DVD compete ?


go to wal-mart, they have them there


This stuff is must probably the same disks as the ones that don’t say "Video DVD-+R/RW.