Memorex MRX 525G speed problems?

Memorex MRX-525G 18x DVD
My dell E510 came with a 12x DVD burner i believe and would take about 35-40 minutes to burn an average DVD, so i went out and bought this 18x DVD Memorex burner, hooke dit all up, and tryed burning a couple dvds, and they took approx 40 minutes EACH ??!
I used Neros cd-dvd speed v4.51.6 with a CDR blank disk, it started with an 8.96 speed and ended with a 7.08 ?? shouldnt this be up over 32x at the slowest??
anyone have any ideas why this POS is burning so slow?

Check that DMA is enabled for your DVD drive and your hard-drive. Use an 80 wire IDE cable. Make sure your mainboard IDE and/or SATA drivers are up to date.

I think that drive is a rebadged LG GSA H22N. Like it’s LG counterpart, it only supports a limited range of blank media. Try a different brand of media. Mine likes Verbatim (MCC & TY) and Panasonic (TY).

Post a screenshot of your CD-DVD Speed burn.

ok, 2nd Primary IDE Channel, Device 1 was set to PIO Mode, so i changed that to “DMA if available” … but i havent restarted yet.
How do i know if i have a 80-wire IDE cable or not?
Im currently using Phillips DVD-R’s
And im not sure how to post a screenshot of my dvd speed burn [its a .png, but easy enuf to change that to .jpg if i have too]
but i do have the info saved as follows also…

General Information

Operating System Windows 2000 (5.00.2195 Service Pack 4)
Drive Memorex DVD±RAM 525G v1
Firmware Version G.01
Serial Number 476<38B<
Disc Blank
MID 64m25s01f
Capacity 79:59.74

Transfer Rate

Start 8.95x
End 7.08x
Average 7.76x
Type CLV

Hows that?

If that is the device for your DVD drive, then this is probably the
cause of your problem. The correct mode is UDMA4. Check the
DMA settings again after you re-boot.

The LG version of this drive comes with a new IDE cable. Is there a new cable supplied with the Memorex drive? If so, you should use the new cable.

Assuming it is a flat ribbon cable, you can count the wires.

It seems that you already know how to save a PNG image of CD-DVD Speed scans. PNG is the best format to use, so you don’t need to change anything.

I think your TRT is for a CD rather than a DVD. 8x is very slow and the fact that the end speed is lower than the start speed would indicate that something is wrong.

guess what. its fixed :smiley:
I believe the problem, for whatever reason, was the “cable select” jumper… allow me to explain…
I had bought [upgraded] a new Seagate 250gig HD and the new dvd burner. I had set BOTH of their jumper settings to “cable select”.
When i turned my machine ON and stated transfering music and movies to the new HD the transfer was INCREDIBLY slow, i mean, it took over an hour to transfer 1 4gig movie from my existing drive to the new drive and i thought that was weird. So after a week of trying “other” things i opened the box back up and tryed switching ribbon cables to the one supplied by the new burner, … it came apart when i tryed taking it back off, so i used the old one again and tryed changing the ‘cable select’ jumper on the HD to ‘slave’ and my hard drive transfer rates improved to how they should be, so i changed the burner jumper to master and voila’ ! burned a dvd in 5 minutes! is that weird or what?

Have you got the DVD drive and hard-drive on the same cable? It would be best to put them on separate IDE channels. The hard-drive should be on the first IDE channel and the DVD on the second, unless you have a SATA or SCSI hard-drive. Use an 80 wire ATA 100/133 cables for both.

I’m glad it is working better for you.

I don’t mean to hyjack this thread, but I found it while searching for solutions. I have a memorex DVD 525G and it won’t recognize the driver anymore. It has worked fine for months and now it and my other CD burner have crashed. Anyone know where I can download updated drivers for this 525G? I can’t find them. Thanks.