Memorex media?

I know this question has been done to death with Memorex media and how poor they are, but perhaps this question can have an influence on newbies, like me, who are reading this.

How bad are Memorex, really? I’ve only used a handful of Memorex CD-Rs and DVD-Rs, which probably isin’t good enough to suggest they are decent media… Because I haven’t had enough experience with them!

I understand Memorex have poor inconsistency, but they have always worked for me. I stopped archiving my files to DVD-R a few weeks ago after they became corrupted only two months down the line. (The kicker? Bulkpaq :a ) and invested in a Coarsair memory stick.

But what about if they DO work for you? Memorex in my experience have always done me good, and although I’ve taken heed not to put essential files on them, what about throwaway copies and non-essential documents? (Actually performed much better than my ASDA CD-Rs, and Datawrite Titaniums).

Mny of my CD-Rs are burnt for non-essential music and game iso images, which is no major loss if they go down in a fire / water damage / dogs eaten them. What about then? My oldest CD-R that I burned is a memorex which was done about 5 years ago.

It seems, and I mean no offense to anyone, people dont like media without actually trying them :frowning: If they work, use them, if they don’t… Don’t use them. And as always, make double copies of your work. Cheers.

Some of us have been here for many years, reading, learning, helping with problems our members have with various types of media. Just through this experience, we’ve learned that certain types of disks are less reliable.

One problem is the fact that the general public tend to identify media by the brand, which you simply cannot do. A brand like Memorex (part of the Imation group of companies) will use disks from various suppliers and will change their sources without notice. The disks may look the same, but they won’t have the same mid code, and they will not have the same burn characteristics or support in various drives.
This inconsistency in supply makes Memorex unreliable for most of us.

Another problem from Memorex is that they seem to get some of the worst examples of particular mid codes. Even when that type of disk has proved to be ok (not spectacular) from other companies, the Memorex examples tend to burn with more errors. Memorex and the Imation companies don’t mind buying poorer grades of media.

It is entirely possible to get good disks under the Memorex brand. It is also entirely possible to get a stack of coasters from them. That in itself is reason enough to avoid them, and why we do not recommend them.

^What Kerry56 said! :iagree:

Bulkpaq… it’s probably a better idea to just set your money on fire directly, instead of suffering the trauma of using it for buying Bulkpaq discs. :stuck_out_tongue:

All I can sayabout Memorex in my personal experience THEY ARE BAD .
Had no idea about media codes or cdfreaks so in 2005 first PC bought Memorex and Princo .
Have 70% of my princo left and they work BUT all 100+ memorex and DVDs CDs RW ± what have you Trashed .
pity I didn`t keep some to scan withNero CDspeed.

Bottom Line I will not waste my Time With them EVEN if they were FREE .:bigsmile:

How about then, if I can scan the disc and give you a media code for it then?

Essential and vitaldata are stored to DVD-Rs as a temporary solution, and where if they get corrupted, I can just throw them away. I always make backups to a Coarsair memory stick, and still retain it on my hard drive.

As always, I will buy some Taito Yuden’s when really I need to archive my material. Failing that, Verbies are extremly cheap now :wink:

You don’t need to scan to get a MID.

The mid is even displayed by many burntools.

Sorry chef, Thats what I mean.

IMGBurn has this feature, so I use that :wink:

[QUOTE=Chad_Bronson;2555644]Sorry chef, Thats what I mean.

IMGBurn has this feature, so I use that ;)[/QUOTE]

No worries, maybe I just misread your post. :wink: