Memorex media not on cdfreaks pole

Hi Guys,
please excuse my ignorance,
but why is Memorex not on there?

I’ve find I’ve had best luck with
those (all around) for the past few years.

I can’t find anything better here in
Vancouver Canada…


A lot of people avoid memorex. They use whatever they can get cheap so sometimes it is good quality and sometimes it’s crap. Some poeple like the made in india memorex since we know anything made in india is made by moser baer but as far as made in taiwan stuff, it could be jsut about anything.

I seriously wouldn’t recommend memorex DVDs. Their CD range was pretty good, but the DVDs seem to be faily substandard by way of the acrylic used and the writable surface. I’ve no idea what brands are available in Canada, but here in the UK the Datawrite range seems to be the one to go for… and also Ritek dye disks if you can find them.

Verbatim and TDK still get a good name, but if you grudge paying DOUBLE the price for those (as I do!!) then I’d steer clear.