Memorex Low Quality!

I had to return 2 packs of MEMOREX DVD+RW. Each pack contains 5 disks. I found that in every single pack, they always pack a defective disk. one of the packs contains a disk with blemish on the dye. Another disk in the 2nd pack have bubble hubs where two layers are not sealed off properly.

I return both packs to FUTURESHOP. The lady at the desk told me: “Why did u buy low quality disk and ask for a refund?” :a I know that anger do not solve anything. Therefore, I replied calmly: “Then, are u implying that Futureshop sells low quality products and provide unacceptable customer service?” She was freaked out by my reply. Bet most ppl always get angry at the customer desk. ha ha… :wink: I got my money back in the end.

PS I didn’t burn any of the disk because I check for defect visually. If i had burned it, i wouldn’t have returned since it’s unethical. :iagree:

Meh, I have returned a spool of 50 DVD-Rs where I had burnt several disks due to the disks simply sucking when they wern’t meant to.

Whether you have burnt the disks or not is irrelivent. If the disks suck, and either have visible defects, or do not burn to at least a minimum standard, you take them back and get a refund.

Its incorrect ethics like “you can’t returned burnt disks” that allow shops to sell crap like those lousy Infosmart disks. Unless customers consistantly demand an acceptable standard of media from shops and suppliers, they will dump whatever they can get away.

I agree. :slight_smile:

Guess I will be sticking with Fujifilm (Made in JP) ones. Good DVDs are hard to come by now since a lot of brands have switched to TW disks. I don’t mind Taiwan disks but anything above 4G on a single DVD is asking for data loss. Taiyo Yudens are good even to the edge of the disk. :bigsmile:

Verbatim datalifeplus disks are also good, even if CMC does make some/lots of them. I have found that verbatim consistantly demands and maintains a high level of quality for their disks, even ones that they get other companies to make for them. In the CD aging thread, you can see that a random couple of my verbatim disks that have been burned years ago still give excellent scores.

Always highly recommended media if you just want a disk that works well at stock speed and you don’t want it to die in a year.

TY disks are good for e-penis competitions on cdfreaks … but they are sometimes hard to source.

LOL … but, a bit different … esp. considering ‘smaller’ is better in this case. We certainly luv our TY’s here. I think someone mentioned TY has a “rockstar” image here. I would agree, but it’s also well founded in most cases. Verb’s are right there with 'em I’d say judging from scans and people’s favorable comments as to quality and disc longevity. :cool:

Using the words: Memorex and low quality are kind of redundant. :wink: