Memorex = liteon?

I am planning on buying a memorex (48x24x48) tonight, and was wondering if it is really a liteon inside of it? I am going to need it by tomorrow and this looks like a good deal. Does anyone know if this good/reliable drive? Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s a Lite-On, alright. . . and firmware upgradable. I’ve got the 48x12x48 and I’m pleased with it. Wouldn’t mind having the one you’re getting so I could take it up to 52x. Wanna trade? :bigsmile:

How did you know it’s Liteon?
Specification says it uses Just-Burn as a buffer underun protection and SMART-BURN/SMARTX for other purposes.

SMART-BURN/SMARTX technologies are proprietary to Lite-On. If it says it on the box, it’s Lite-On. I haven’t heard of any Memorex 40x-52x burners being anything other than Lite-On OEM.