Memorex Lightscribe 16x

Does anyone know the MID of these? Are they any good?

It’s a crapshoot at best when you buy Memorex. Memorex gets its discs from CMC, Ritek, Prodisc or Moser Baer - and even within the same supplier, their discs sold under the Memorex brand name are widely variable (and usually mediocre) in quality.

Could be CMC MAG M01, MBIPG101 R05, or if you really have luck MCC 004, I think.

All the Memorex 16x Lightscribe I have gotten (USA) be it in Jewel cases or cake packs have been CMC MAG M01

CMC MAG M01, when it’s packaged by Memorex, is mediocre at best.

I have both HP and Memorex lightscribe disks that are CMC MAG M01 mid’s and the HP’s are far better.