Memorex L1 F16 (rebadged LiteON 1633) and 16x DVD-Rs

I am new to this forum and have searched for information regarding this problem but haven’t found any.

I have a Memorex L1 F16 which I found out through another forum and confirmed here is a rebadged LiteON 1633. I recently got a great deal on Memorex 16x DVD-Rs. I knew I couldn’t burn them at 16x but figured my burner would at least be able to burn them at 8x. WRONG. The burner doesn’t even recognize these discs even with the latest Memorex firmware, BWSE. Having read through these pages I see that I can change this burner’s firmware to make it a LiteON 1653. My questions are :

  1. Does anyone know if I change the firmware to make the burner a “pseudo” 1653 will it recognize 16x DVD-Rs and will I then be able to burn them (I understand not at 16x)?

  2. If I go through this process, do I first have to flash the EEPROM to change the drive from “Memorex” to “LiteON,” or can I just flash the firmware directly with this: 1653S.CS0P.patched-cf-mcled.exe?

TIA for the help.


download DVD Identifier, and see what is the media code for the 16x DVD-Rs disc you have,
download omnipatcher and open 1653S.CS0P.patched-cf-mcled.exe firmware to see if it is in the DVD media support list. if not you can add it to the list by rename one of the media code for DVD-R that can write at 12x.

Well, I bit the bullet so to speak and just flashed mu burner with the patched CSOP firmware. I was able to get it to burn on the 16x DVD-Rs without further problem. However, there is a minor issue with the LED. I know that the patched firmware includes the “LED fix” for burners with a multicolor LED, but my burner only has a one color, blue. So, if I leave it the way it is with the patched firmware, the LED lights when it is reading a disc but nothing happens while it is burning. I opened the firmware in omnipatcher and see that in the “General Patches” section, the top option of “Use a multi-color LED scheme” is greyed out and checked. I would like to uncheck it. I tried unchecking the lowest option for fixing the “dead-drive blink,” but that meant the drive flashes the blue LED from the time the computer is turned on whether it is doing anything or not.

So, how do I get the multi-colored LED scheme turned off? Is it possible I can just take the stock CSOP firmware, open it in omnipatcher, make the change I want, save it, and then crossflash my Memorex burner using it?

TIA again for all your help. The people here are incredible!


get the stock FW from the CodeGuys (not from Liteon Site), enable crossflashing through the Omnipatcher, save it, and flash your drive with the new saved FW.

Thanks. That’s what I’ll try to do.