Memorex introduces slim movie cases and premium CDR media

I just posted the article Memorex introduces slim movie cases and premium CDR media.

While a normal CD-R is sold with pretty low
margins, DVD media and special CD-Rs can bring some additional margin to
retailers and manufacturers. Memorex has also thought about this and has…

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We got this inventory into our store a couple weeks ago. The cases are better than our store branded dvd cases. On a side note one of my coworkers says he has been burning at 8x with 4x memorex media on his new memorex 8x burner. I personally cant confirm it, however, I do trust him.

TrueIce, I used to burn 4x CD-R’s at 8x all the time before 8x media was cheap. Also all my old 2x media seems to last longer compared with today’s stuff, even compared to verbatim which I consider top of the line. Hopefulyl Platinum will be cheap enough to buy.