Memorex, good deal or no?

So i work at Staples and this week we are having a special on Memorex CD-R 100 spindle for only 14.98 down from the usual 40.00

i used Nero to find out who made them and it says Ritek.

was this a good for what i got?

hears a pic:

im new to the whole cd kinda thing so any info would be great.

Ritek CD-R isn’t too bad. It’s usually a decent cheap alternative when you don’t need the best stuff.

Make sure you pair it with a decent writer and it should be OK for at least data use. I’ve personally used Ritek under a few brands with no issues just because it was made by Ritek, so I’d say you didn’t get too bad of a deal. :slight_smile:

Just know that if any issues occur, the Ritek discs [like most media by most manufacturers] aren’t guaranteed to be perfect for everyone. :wink:

EDIT: Just note for future reference that Memorex isn’t the best brand to get for any other optical media. They source their media from a variety of manufacturers, and get varying grades, so you can have close to the best of the best, or the worst of the worst. But their CD-R is usually pretty decent.

ok what brand would you suggest i get?

[QUOTE=jonathan9590;2290859]ok what brand would you suggest i get?[/QUOTE]
Well, our typical recommendation is something along the lines of Verbatim and Maxell CD-R in-store can usually do OK. [Buying Maxell still has a good chance of getting you Ritek-made CD-R, which again isn’t bad; just some brands typically have a better quality than Memorex]. But if you need the quality, Taiyo Yuden-made discs are our prime choice for CD-R media that’s known to “just work” in most any scenario.

And our typical recommendation for DVD media is something along the lines of Verbatim media (16x, 8x DVD[U]+[/U]R; DVD[U]+[/U]R DL; DVD[U]+[/U]RW). Or, if you can order online, media made by Taiyo Yuden (8x DVD[U]+[/U]R). If you can’t find Verbatim in-store and do want to order from the internet, Sony media is usually a decent 3rd choice for the single layer media. If you need DVD[U]+[/U]R DL media, always get Verbatim.

*(another) note: Taiyo Yuden isn’t a brand, but the manufacturer; however, when ordering from the typical reputable site, TY might still be listed with the other “brands”, or the website will make it clearly known that the discs are made by TY.

But again, I’m sure the CD-R you have are fine. :slight_smile: Sorry if I over-provided on the info, hehe. :wink:

ok cool thanks, now i just gotta figure out what to do with 100 cd-r’s?

what do ppl usually do with them, storage? archiavle? music?

Anything and everything. Audio, backup, archival, general data writing, to give pictures and such to relatives/friends…whatever you can use a CD for.

Just make sure that if you do need to use them for storage/archival, that you have multiple sets on multiple makes of discs, in case one set of discs fails. :slight_smile: