Memorex First to Introduce Flash-based USB Storage Media Affordable Enough to Share



Interesting idea…
It appears to be “disposable” USB flash drives.
Feel free to post your comments about this new product in this thread!


I wish the morons would just come out and say they hold 16MB instead of telling us about ‘400 text files, 10 presentations, 40 photos, 15 minutes of music’, blah blah blah. How irrelevant. At least they said 16MB, if only at the end. Regarding the product, so you’re paying roughly $7 for a 16MB flash drive. Not terrible but I’ve seen plenty of deals after rebate or on sale for flash drives from 64MB-256MB for similar prices.


This doesn’t sound like a good deal to me. I have a 128MB no-name usb drive that costed CAN $10.


CompUSA has a 128MB flash drive for $10, no rebates, from 6PM to Midnight Friday. Thanks but no thanks to a 16MB flash drive.


One of the key selling points of a USB thumbdrive is that it is small. So why on earth are they fitting a big round plastic case around it? It’s pretty bulky that way.


it may be a bit more expensive but I do like the idea of them beïng more solid
could be handy for people that are not that gentile with electronics