Memorex F16 DVD-Writer

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Memorex was kind enough to send us their latest DVD-Writer; the Memorex F16 Double Layer, Dual Format DVD recorder. This drive supports 16x DVD+R writing, 8x DVD-R and 2.4x DVD+R9 DL writing technologies, which allows you to burn dual layer discs with a capacity of 8.5GB. Read the review to find out more!

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I’ve got 2 of these…one made in July the other in October. I have two strange issues, otherwise good overall experience: 1. When writing to 8X rated media using the latest Nero, the only chice is 44x and it actually writes at 44X. The disks sem ok, but I cannot select any other speed. 2. The drive is NOT sypported by CDRWIN…I’ve writen them twice, but no feedback and idea if/when it may be sipported. 3. It would REALLY be nice, if Memorex updated (via their website) firmware more often…I assume that as liyeon’s 1633 drive is updated, it shouldn’t be much of a problem that memorex follows along…but…so far NO :(:frowning:

…sorry…y last post should have said “when writing to 8x CDR media…”

Greetings mrdisk, You should try upgrading Nero to the latest version to see if it solves your issue #1.

yes I like this code