Memorex F16 DVD+R DL Booktype


I have searched the forums pretty well, and though I have found tons of killer info regarding FW’s & drives, I really haven’t found the exact info I’m seeking…so please excuse if I’m being redundant here.

I have a Memorex DVD+/-DLRWL1 F16 drive. I have made quite a few (of the smaller games) backup discs for the Xbox in +R format and they all work fine in the Xbox. For the bigger games, I went to the +R DL. No luck…Xbox won’t read it. After reading quite a bit here in the forums, after flashing the FW of the drive quite a few times to different FW’s, and after using DVD Decrypter & DVD Info Pro & Nero CD Speed, etc, etc…I have come to the conclusion that the +R DL media just won’t burn to “DVD-ROM” format. I have changed the booktype in those programs and everything says “success”, etc…but when I burn the disc and then check it, it says DVD+R DL for the booktype.

So I guess my question is, can I change the booktype for +R DL to DVD-ROM on that drive? Keep in mind that the +R’s worked fine and are apparently burning to DVD-ROM format just fine…but the DL won’t. I’ve read some on Nvidia drivers here too…but I’m not running those I don’t believe & when I go to the IDE channel in device manager, it says Microsoft under drivers.
Any help is greatly appreciated!!! :slight_smile:

Which dl media are you using. Reviews show your drive is capable of bitsetting +R dl media to -rom. It has been suggested by numerous users on this forum that Verbatim dl media is better than other types.

Have used Ritek (Memorex brand) and Verbatim. Both burned from the inside toward the outside as they should…but didn’t read. I also read the review where it said that the drive is +R DL booktype settable to ROM…but I can’t for the life of me figure out why it’s not doing it.
The last time I tried, I used DVD Decrypter and set the booktype on both the DVD+R DL media AND the DVD+R DL media Eeprom to DVD-ROM…burnt the disc, no-go. And by going back to DVD DEcrypter now and looking at last recorded, it says DVD+R DL for booktype.

According to VideoHelp this is a LiteOn drive, head on over to our LiteOn forum and you should be able to find some bitsetting utils.