Memorex External USB/Firewire drive

I have a Memorex True8xn drive that I got and works okay. I don’t have bitsetting and I would like that.

I tried some of the hacked NEC firmware with no luck. I decided to crack open the external case and pull out the drive.

The model number is 3202-3269. There’s no version number so I’m assuming it’s version 1. I read that this is the Panasonic 107 drive.

Any advice on if this information is correct and how I go about burning the firmware since most of the stuff I used when it was plugged in via USB said that it was the wrong kind of drive. I’m sure there’s a way around that if I connect it directly to the IDE controller, but I’m not sure about the procedure.

The True8Xn is an NEC…Memorex does sell a True8x model that is made by Pioneer, but that’s not what yours is.

Try a third party flash tool if you want to convert your Memorex to an NEC or another NEC made drive’s firmware. See the NEC section in the Recording Hardware Forum.