Memorex EarPhones First Look



I just posted the article Memorex EarPhones First Look.

We take a look at the funky new EarPhones range from Memorex.

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I like the sports ear phones ,I never had any luck with the buds-they just would not stay in my ears, must be my ears-i’ll have to get some .thanks


These are good looking earphones! From review, I can say that I would like to have them in my ears :slight_smile:


Don’t appear to have great sound quality, and at the end of the day, I would think that sound quality is why you would buy any headphone.


The sun is shining the music is flowing through my new earphones and the sound is just soooooooo fine


Too bad their sound is only average at best. I would pay more for better sound. Also, I do not care about their appearance, as I would not wear them to try to impress anyone else with my coolness.


Memorex has decent earbuds for the price. Definitely NOT for the audiophile, but for the casual listener who doesn’t want to have to worry about losing an expensive set of earphones, or a cheap set to use someplace like the beach, these things aren’t bad at all.

The only issue I had when testing Memorex earphone products was that some of the very inexpensive models had a strong scent from the rubbery parts that I found unappealing. I don’t know about these specific models Arachne has reviewed though.

At any rate, Memorex seems to have a good handle on the cheap earbud market. For under $10 you really can’t go wrong.