Memorex dvd

Hi All

I have a new Memorex dvd632 drive which is 3yrs old but brand new. Problem is there is no installation disc. I have contacted memorex and they no longer suport the said item. (out of date within 16mnths…sign of the times I guess)

I am running windows 98se Pent III and have all the required memory etc with a cd-rom +3.5".

Can anyone help me with the installation of this item.

Sorry to be such a plank but I would really like to get this up and running.

Thanking any and all in anticipation of your help



You should not need an installation disc, most likely it just contained DVD viewing software. Just set it to master or slave, plug in the cables and run with it!

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Actually, this is no Memorex drive, but a rebadged Toshiba drive (SD-M1212). As this a normal IDE drive (it confirms to the ATAPI standard) there’s no need for a driver for this drive.

Because you are requesting a driver for this drive, I assume something must be going wrong. Am I right? If so, what is the problem? It can be caused by quite some things (e.g. chipset drivers, what is your mainboard?), so please give us some more info :slight_smile:

Hi Guy’s

Thanks for responding so fast. I will try installing it again later today and try and get back with some more info asap (it’s now 11.50 gmt)

With thanks