Memorex DVD+/-RWN16 D2 external DVD Burner Review

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CDFreaks presents the Memorex DVD+/-RWN16 D2 external DVD Burner Review. This external unit is based on the award winning NEC ND-3500A and offers both USB and Firewire connectivity options. This drive is capable of 16x writing on DVD±R, 4x on DVD+R9 DL, and 48x on CD-R media.

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As always a very good review. Unfortunately, it will be of limited value as the internal drive was the discontinued 3500 and most purchasers will probably receive the Liteon 1673. It is too bad Memorex couldn’t provide a current model.

There were plenty of units released that are based on the 3500. I’m sure users that have the drive will appreciate the review! In addition, users that have the 1673S version (which uses the same enclosure) can benefit from viewing the USB2 and Firewire bridge limitations that I have detailed in this review.

I purchased one of these drives, had a $30.00 mail in rebate, mailed it in and received a letter from Memorex stating that I had mailed in the wrong UPC code in, I called the toll free number and was advised that there was two UPC codes on the box and to mail in the other UPC code, I advised the person that after two months I no longer had the box, only the reciept, she kept repeating the same instructions over eveyrtime I told her this, finally I gave up and emailed the only address available, the tech department. It has been a year now with no response, one can assume Memorex needed the 30 bucks more than I, I would do without before purchasing Memorex products, I also tell everyboby I know watch out for Memorex they need your money; as for the drive it is still working as advertised, just not with the low end Memorex discs :r

I’ve had my 16X external for about a month, burned 3 DVD’s and now it won’t see DVD’s. Called their “technical support” and got some guy in the Phillipines blaming windoz XP updates. I’m taking it back to my vendor, getting a credit and buying a Plexitor :slight_smile:

Bought unit on eBay. It didn’t come with an instruction booklet. Anyone have any idea how to get it. Memorex can’t help. Thanks :slight_smile: