Memorex DVD +/-RW Dual X1

I have a 4x burner Memorex DVD +/-RW Dual-X1 that DiscInfo 1.5.5 reports as a Pioneer drive with a Firmware v1.07 and I was wondering if there is a later firmware for it. I think the model number is 32023235 and I did a search here and found a thread that is a year old that said to flash it to a Pioneer model but I can’t go back if I do.

I was also wondering what happened to DiscInfo? I was trying to use the find firmware option but nothing happens. Is there something else I can use?


DISCInfo just searches the database. It might be using the old “” domain which is discontinued so that may be why the search fails. You can find the download block for the drive here:

1.07 is the latest firmware from memorex, but you could use the third part flash tool called DVRFlash to convert the drive to a true Pioneer DVR-106D.