Memorex DVD+RW disks

I have a sony RDR-GX120. I have used these memorex disKs because they were ‘cheap’ from Currys, not because they were particularly good or bad. I discovered that after using the Disks a few times and formatting rather than erasing after each occasion that the machine refused to recognise the disk or record on it. The disk was not recognised by the the +RW writer on my pc.
So what am I doing wrong?

Nothing, really. It’s just that Memorex gets its rewritable discs primarily from Infodisc, which is notorious for making “rewritable” media which deteriorates rapidly with each write/rewrite session.

In other words, the Memorex RW discs are particularly craptastic! :Z

Which DVD+RW do you recommend?

Which brands can you get where you’re at? Or are you willing to order online?

I would be prepared to order online but the ones that I bought in the past for use on my PC were Maxell. They seemed OK but I used them to copy DVDs which I used later on and I’m not sure how many times I reformatted them and from what you say that is the important point.

I’m taking the Memorex back to the store today and I will get them to swap them for a well known brand. While I’m there, I’ll see what lines they stock and send you a list. I suspect though that even well known brand names are probably sourced all over the world and they just stick their label on it so those sold on a label in the UK may be manufactured in quite a different place to those carrying the same label in the US.

In any eventuality, thanks for your help and advice.

The local shop had only philips and panasonic. I chose philips for no particular reason. The local Asda (Walmart-owned) has Maxell.

The problem is where the company sources its disks from. For example, down here in Australia we get stuff that is only packaged for the South-East Asian market and is often different to the stuff Europeans and Americans get. TDK sells CDs made by Moser-Baer (in India) down here and they seem to source their blank DVDs in Taiwan or China. I think that if you can plainly see that your disks are made in Japan then you’ll be okay. If you can get Japanese Taiyo-Yuden disks they are generally regarded as the best.

I rather to stay away from any MemoreX media disc I don’t have a good experiences with their media products.

I have a similar problem using memorex and maxell DVD+RWs. My pc won’t recognize the discs at all, so now I can’t even try to format them. Does Win XP have a built in disc formatting utility? I want to see if somethig other than incd (which came with my free nero quickstart cd) will work.

Hi Brantles, welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

Do you have Alcohol or anything installed on your system? That can cause writeable discs to be seen as not writeable (there is a fix for it if you do).

Failing that, try ImgBurn, that will often work where other software fails :slight_smile:

Might help to uninstall InCD as well.

BTW, XP doesn’t support writing to or formatting DVD/RW natively, just CD/CD-RW. :wink:

I use Tevion (Aldi) branded 4x DVD+RW media in my stand-alone
DVD recorder. Some of these discs are now two years old
and have been re-recorded dozens of times. So far, I have
had no failures.

Tevion DVD+RW 4x from Aldi.

I have no hesitation in recommending these +RW discs. I can’t
say the same about Aldi’s Tevion branded DVD+R 16x discs
with a MID of CMC MAGM01. The +Rs are quite poor compared
to MAGM01 sold under other brand names.

You might need to finalise or close the DVD+RW in the
DVD recorder before the PC can see it.

Edit: Sorry brantles, I got you mixed up with lawteacher :o
I once had a similar problem with some RW discs. I had to use
a friends Pioneer DVD-RW drive to format them. My Liteon 411
refused to have anything to do with them. Once they had been
formatted by the Pioneer, I was then able to format them with
the Liteon :confused:

Without the disc being finalized, you should be able to read the disk, maybe the disc is dirty or is being corrupted.

Just to point out that you do not have to finalise +RW discs. Finalising is only relevant to +R, -R, and -RW.

I had so many go bad the Memorex replaced them with a 25pack but since the were still the same ID I don’t trust them and use Verbatims.

I was tempting fate when I made that statement. One of them
died yesterday :slight_smile: I will try doing a full erase and format
to see if I can revive it.