Memorex DVD+RW 8X

I noticed that Memorex online store has started selling DVD+RW 8X to US and Canada:

Can anyone confirm whether the MID is RICOHJPN W21?

I can’t confirm 100%, but I’ve heard that they use either CMC or PHILIPS MIDs for the 8x +RW.
Of course, It is possible that they also might use Ricoh/Ritek…

No one’s bought any and posted the code on VideoHelp yet… You could be the first!

I bought a 5-pack and the MID is RITEK 008. This media works well with my BenQ DW1640.

I bought a 2 packs of 5 and these discs work well with my Plextor 760A however my 716 messes these discs up and makes them unreadable when I overwrite onto these discs.

Really no surprise to me to rewad about such issues…

I’ll never touch memorex crap.

Memorex changes the media used often, no way to tell what you will get even if it was Ricoh in one batch, the next batch could change!

After writing these discs in my 760A my Sony DVD-ROM drive is not able to read off the disc after many attempts to eject and reinsert the disc. I do not have this problem with my 4x Verbatim DVD+RWs. However my 760A is able to rewrite to it and erase it just find. My 716A attempts to erase it but ends up messing up the disc that all drives are not able to read or write to it including my 760A.

Verbatim says they are releasing their 8x DVD+RW at the end of 1st quarter '06 and we’re almost at the end of 2nd quarter. What’s up Verbatim???

They are out in NA, but not europe.

dunno why… :sad:

The EMEA zone (“Greater Europe”) always gets new, hot, or cool stuff as the last market.
I can’t understand that, since my LG GSA-4163B does already support 8x DVD+RW, and it’s more than a year old! The disc manufacturers should kick Verbatim’s and Ritek’s a…es!

Not always. :wink:

Remember newer dvd burners and media like for Labelflash??

Verbatim and Ritek ARE the disc manufacturers.

Mine is Ritek.:slight_smile:
Memorex branded DVD+RW 8x

should be Mitsubishi Chemicals and Ritek :wink:

I meant drive manufacturers ^^"
Darth Boy: Isn’t it Mitsubishi Kagaku Media now?

Who in NA is selling Verbatim 8x DVD+RW’s ???

The answer is: Nobody.

Where do the scans come from then?

Magically transferred media Asia > NA???

Then in what sense are they “out” ??

That’s what I don’t get, why Verbatim has 6x DVD-RW and not 8x DVD+RW