Memorex dvd-r's

I’ve been burning dvd’s using LiquidVideo dvd-r’s with no problem. I recently ran out and went and picked up some Memorex dvd-r’s and now they won’t work at all. Could this be a compatablity issue or something with my burner? I have a TDK 440n, and i already tried updating the firmware.

Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t the 440 a rebadged NEC (ie 1300A or 2500A)? Just out of curiosity what speed were these discs? If they were 16x then it is probably the fact that your burner is too old to cope with them. If not then it is probably just the fact that Memorex is well known for outsourcing to manufacturers with varrying quality (ie Prodisc, CMC Mag).

4x burner, you need 4x media and nothing else. You might get lucky with some high-quality 8x, but I doubt it.

Look around the stores for older 4x stuff.

My vote is never never never Memorex I learn a long time ago with cdrs is it says memorex do not buy it.

That is true. Although I had a Pioneer 105 with crappy V1.21 stock firmware and it burned perfectly well at 4x on 8x TYG02. It was nice to finally upgrade to a 16x burner and take full advantage of the burn speed.

i agree totally with samlar…

nothing but verbs and ty’s for me

You can try Verbatim 16X MCC03RG20 (“Advanced Azo”). These discs have the widest writing strategy tolerance I ever encountered. I can even burn them @1X in my standalone recorder without problem. :cool:

Also check that you have the most recent available firmware for your burner.

If I were you, I’d buy a new drive, they’re so cheap these days…