Memorex DVD-R


I just bought memorex DVD-R to burn videos on it but everytime I put the burned disk in my toshiba SD190EKB player, it says ‘‘wrong file content’’ (the videos are in AVI). Can someone tell me what the problem here?

thanks for all your answers!

Your player may only support avi files that use divx or xvid video codecs. Check your manual for types of avi files that are compatible. Certain resolution and bitrate restrictions may also apply.

If you are unsure what type of codec is within your avi file, examine it with a free program called MediaInfo. I find the Tree view within MediaInfo to be the most informative.

You should also burn avi files to a disk using ISO9660 + Joliet files sytems. If you use ImgBurn for the burning process, it will warn you if you are using the wrong file system, and will adjust this for you. ImgBurn is free to use.

By the way, welcome to the forums. I’ve deleted your second thread that you started in the Blank Media Test forum…we don’t allow posting the same question in different subforums, as it causes confusion on where to answer.