Memorex DVD+R

Hi guys, I figured this would be a good place to ask this question.

I have with me Memorex DVD+R (ricohjpn r03). Everything about it says DVD+R accept the label that has RW with DVD+R right below it on the actual discs. I was certain that these dvd’s were not rewritable as I checked this code online and with Nero but I was able to delete/add files using Roxio and a new Dell Laptop.

Is it common to be able to treat DVD+R’s as rewriteables? I also have a some other DVD+R discs at home and they also have RW on them. I’m certain that I cannot rewrite to this disc at home but never tried it with the laptop. Could it be the burner? And lastly, being the noob that I am, why does DVD+R have RW as the label?

Thanks for all the help in advance!!

The RW logo is the logo of the DVD+RW format alliance.
It is also on DVD+R for historical reasons as the DVD+RW was developed before DVD+R.

Ah Ok, but is it possible that the discs I got were mislabeled? It showed DVD+R but we were able to write/delete on it.

They are not rewritable. Maybe you’re burning the discs in multisessions and the burning program may be giving the impression that you’re able to ‘delete’ the data from previous burn sessions. But the data cannot actually be erased from the disc and the disc will still fill up as you add more data (it’s basically making the data from previous burns hidden to you). ‘RW’ is completely normal to be printed onto +R media, confusing as it may seem.

Ah… thanks for the explanation… Is there anyway to check this supposedly deleted data? I cannot see it anywhere. I am guessing that you’ll know there’s data there once the disc is filled up?