Memorex DVD-R not playing in my Toshiba laptop or Sony DVD player

Hi all…

I just downloaded this software today and have been playing around with it. I was successfully able to burn one movie DVD using the full-disc feature (Using Clone “failed” after the 40-minute copying process), but then neither the DVD-ROM in my Toshiba laptop nor my Sony DVD player would recognize the disc. Any thoughts on why that might be? FYI, I am using Memorex dual-layer discs. The system told me that the “output only needs single-layer” before it started writing, but that was the only disc I had, so I used it (This surprised me, because the DVD I was copying was about 3 hours long!). Could that be why? Many thanks!


P.S. Do you have to change a setting to tell the software that you are burning not a data DVD, but a movie? Just wondering.

Hi TheNeuf
When you first open DVDFab Platinum at the very bottom next to where it says “Quality” there is a drop down window the default setting is DVD5(SL) if you are going to use a DL disc then you need to open that drop down window and select DVD9(DL).
Hope this helps

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Also a good idea to change the write speed in common settings to a slower speed “say around 4x, 8x” will get a better burn and less errors :bigsmile:
also use little bit better blank media like verbatim or TY

Thanks! I saw that “quality” option, had no idea what it was for. And I thought the Memorex media might be lower quality… It was the cheapest one at Best Buy. :slight_smile:


Alway best to good quality media when doing a backup, anyway if you ever need help just remember everyone here in this forum will always give a helping hand when needed


Memorex media is 4th class media. They do not make their own media and buy from several different low class media manufactures. You could get lucky, but most likely will have problems.

Cost of media is not a good guide. I buy TY 4X-R 1st Class media in bulk for about a quarter each delivered.


Hi Mack, where do you get this deal at ? Is it online? I thought I was livin’ large payin’ .33 apiece for 16x Verb’s at Sam’s Club in town. That’s for 100 ct. That town is the closest ‘‘big’’ town at 75 miles. So if I could find something better, that would be great. Thanks ~ Mike

Hey Mike,

Mack, larry and I have been buying these for a while. Some folks don’t like the value packs. For a while I was getting only YUDEN 000 T02…sweeet. Then they started to substitute T03…not bad, but not as good as the T02.
Mostly, I burn +R (TY’s and verbs) now, costs a bit more (not much though if you look for the sales).

Anyway, here are two sites:

look for the free shipping deals too!

Hi maineman, thank you for the links. I’m gonna bookmark them so’s I have them when I need them. I too use +R’s, MCC-004 I believe they are. I’ve always been leary of the -R’s. Don’t ask me why, ‘‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’’ I guess is my motto, LOL. But thanks again ~ Mike


Correction to my last post on the MID

The -R TY’s were TYG02 and TYG03 respectively.
The +R were YUDEN T02.
Sorry about that… :o , but the links are ok and you’re very welcome.


Hello Tom, jusy wondering, when you go to purchase the YUDEN T02’s, will the description state that they are Ty’s T02 or not ? I’ve looked at other sites selling media and they aren’t always that forthcoming in their descriptions. Thanks, Mike

Boy, ain’t that the truth…
I haven’t bought any media in a while, have about 140 of the MKM 001 (verb +R DL), 150 or so MMC 004 (verb +R) and about 100 Yuden T02 and some odds and ends.
You know, all of a sudden this doesn’t seem like a big stash…I’m always looking for an excuse to buy media… :bigsmile:

Back to your question. I’ve never had a substitution from supermediastore. Note the MID in the following ad:

A little pricey at $0.47 but they’re T02 (shipped).

I thought Rima advertised the MID, but I’m not sure…worth a look.

My last purchase of the verb +R (200 of 'em), I got at bestbuy…don’t remember how much, but they were dirt cheap.


I’ve been buying Sony D21 +R SL disks at Sam’s Club for the past few months for .25 each in 100 quanity.

I’ve heard differing comments about Sony media in this forum but I’ve never gotten a bad copy yet, and I make plenty of backups. I’ve also never had a problem copying anything with DVDFab, but maybe I’ve just been lucky.

I always copy at 10x to 16x, and that hasn’t been a problem either.


Hi Fred it’s just that some burners don’t like sony disk at least my pioneer didn’t, had a few coasters from them until I switched to Verb’s then no more coasters, I think Sony has several different companies make them thats where you find bad batches from them, but thats just my thought, I’m sure Tim, Alan, Paul or Maineman can give you more info than me on this subject