Memorex DVD-R Media CRC Error



Hello. I’m new here. The name is Funkatron.

I just wanted make sure this is probably my media and not me

I have a collection of AVI’s I’ve been backing up on DVD-R. They are Memorex brand which I got from work(Radio Shack). Anywho after a couple of weeks, I’ve been noticing something: In at least one file (almost always the first one listed on the disc) I get a Cycling Redundancy error . This has happened to almost 90% of the discs that I’ve burned. Is this my burner or my media?

For further info, I’m using burnatonce to burn the DVD-R’s. My Burner is a NEC 2510A with the 2.16 firmware(standard, I think). Any help is appreciated.

And by the way, I know memorex isn’t probably considered quality media, so don’t judge me too harshly :stuck_out_tongue:


Crap media = Crap Burns. Try a different burning software.