Memorex DVD+R DL

Just wondering if anyone has tried this media with a 716. Are they any good?
Futureshop has them for 19.99(CAD) for 3 so the price is coming down.

I’d like to know also. Maybe we will both have to go buy some.

Which is the MID code of this Memorex branded double layer discs ?

Our Memorex +R DL media here is Ritek, which is baaaaaaaad. I’m not sure how much $7 is at the moment, but it’s too much for Ritek

The Ritek DL isn’t that bad … the problem with mos devices is the lack of firmware support for inverse-stack media IMO

Ritek is not inverse stack. Ricoh is, and the difference between Ricoh and Ritek is that Ricoh discs are written properly in the Plextor 716 and LG 4163B at least… (not in NEC, Pioneer)

As I understand it, the Ritek (currently Memorex in U.S.) DL media has dual layers which are “pasted” together instead of directly deposited on top of each other as Mitsubishi (Verbatim) does. This leads to variable quality since it’s more of a mechanical process, but is supposed to be a cheaper method (although disc price doesn’t currently reflect it–the Verbatim’s are cheaper right now!).

Anyone out there know differently (or is my explanation poor)?

Your explanation of “inverted stack” discs is correct, but you again describe Ricoh discs. At least in germany, Verbatim discs are a bit more expensive than Ricoh (33 vs 30 Euros for 5 discs). Ritek are available at around 5 euro per disc, but are made the same way as Verbatim (just without quality control :eek: ).

EDIT i’ve uploaded my results with Ricoh media to the media test forum here. As you can see, some drives handle inverted stack media, some don’t. But Ritek is not handled properly by any drive :slight_smile:

Right … I obviously confused them … :rolleyes:

Here the Verbatim’s are 40(CAD) for 3, double the price of the Memorex. I have tried the Verbatim’s and they burn great, but the price is just to much.

The Ricoh here in Portugal: € 6,5
Verbatim: € 7.5

My experience with a Ritek, was done with a NEC 3500, that did refuse to record it. I remember that i did use a hacked firm 2.18SE, to record it!
Very bad result!
The Ricoh, with my Plextor is very Good. Not so good as Verbatim, but even so, very good!
One Scan, made at 4x speed: they go from 18 to 62…not bad…

You have to ask yourself, “What’s more important to me, price or quality?”


Wow–$40CAD is high. Here in the U.S., common retail pricing is $24.99USD for 3. I’ve seen them discounted to $19.99/3–and the US Dollar is weak right now.

I totally agree with you, I’m not ready to spend $14 on a single disk, just was hoping that Memorex were a good disk. Because I might buy them at $7, but still too much I think.

Question: How much, you guys, think to spend, to Backup, for instance, the “Lord of the Rings”?

What? Record it in a 4.7G ? that`s a true crime…

Unless your me, and I get Verbatim and Memorex at distribution price

Verbatim 3 Pack - $14.61 plus tax

Memorex Single Pack: $5.45 a disc plus tax

The memorex 3 pack which I will probably try is $12.01 plus tax - now thats getting reasonable


You really would insult LOTR that way???

/me made his backup on 2 verbatim DL discs

And i on 3 Verbatim DL 2.4…2 of them at €19,00…LOTR we love it, or not!!

LOTR: TT & ROTK all discs split to 2 SL discs :wink: