Memorex DVD+R DL

What will be the media code of Memorex DVD+R9 : CMC MAG D01 or RITEKD01 ? :confused:

In this list (from a MadDog8X 2.F8 firmware), I will choose CMC MAG D01…

I’ve got 25 or 50 Memorex DVD+R 4X with CMC Mag mediacode.
But it’s maybe RitekD01, as Memorex sells Ritek dye too…

DVD+R DL with the mid CMC MAG D01 ?

I received some sample “Memorex DVD+R DL” discs, but they were unbranded and did not have any printing or embossing on the discs. They look completely plain with no packaging or distinguishing markings of any kinds.
MID = RITEK D01, but that does not necessarily mean that Memorex will be using this disc type for their retail DVD+R DL discs.