Memorex DVD+R DL - quality?

Has anyone had any experience burning to Memorex DVD+R DL discs?

They’re a bit cheaper than Verbatim but I was wondering about their quality. I’ve purchased Memorex CD-Rs in the past with good results. Just wondering hoe these discs fare.

I would like to be able to comment on the quality of these discs since I bought them yesterday to try out, but…low and behold, they don’t seem to be compatible with my hardware :frowning: I’m using the Sony DRU-710A and the latest release of Nero burning suite but when I click “burn” an error/warning message pops up saying that I may end up with an unusable disc if I continue. I don’t think the drive likes these Memorex discs, sigh. I’m still hoping that I’m just making a simple stupid mistake somewhere along the way and that it’s not the discs themselves. Any advice anyone or similar experience?

They’re ok. I prefer the Verbatim DL media, but I bought a 25-pack of Memorex a few months ago because they were so much cheaper. They were made by Ritek. I have burned all 25 without any trouble. One of my players has trouble recognizing Ritek DL media, but the disks all play fine on my other players. I mostly use Verbatim for DL media because I never have any trouble with them.

If you can afford Verbatim, I’d recommend those instead, but if you can’t, Memorex will probably work fine. I guess it depends a lot on you burner and player. Good luck.

I’ve seen lots of bad results with RITEKD01 around the forums… I’d avoid.