Memorex DVD+R DL Media 8.5GB 25 Pack has Memorex DVD+R 2.4X Double Layer Media 8.5GB (25 Pack) Spindle for $52.95 with free shipping. Works out to $2.10 each.

Anyone used these with decent results?


Definitely not worth it. Memorex +R DL = RITEKD01 = worst DL media ever; factor in the failure rate, and it’s more expensive than Verbatims (which went for only $2.70 recently at, though that’s unfortunately over now).

I agree that the Verbatim DL media is better, however, I haven’t had any real problems with the Memorex (Ritek) either. I bought a 25-pack several months ago for $100, and have burned them all. I have one player that has trouble reading them sometimes, but they read fine on all my others.

Personally, I’m sticking with Verbatim for the time being, but these are not as bad as some people make them out to be. I guess mainly it depends on your equipment. Maybe I just got lucky, but I haven’t had any failures with these. Good luck.

Totally agree. Memorex DVD+R DL is the worst. I picked up 25 disc for 29 dollars at CompUSA awhile ago and was so happy that it was the best deal I have ever seen for DL media. I wish I could return them. So far I haven’t been able to burn a one single perfect disc using three different burner to test it on. (Pioneer, NEC, Toshiba. They’re all got the latest firmware installed).
Picture will become pixellated right before the layer switch and will freeze at layer switch. I have to skip the chapter to get passed to the second layer and it will become pixellated again at second layer.
$29.00 down the drain.
I bought Verbatim when I first got the burner to try it out and two came out perfect (the first one was my fault. I didn’t use DVD decrypter to burn it picture will freeze at second layer) the other two came out as good as the original.
Now the price of DL disc are falling rapidly .We all can afford the DL media, but it looks like it’s already on it’s way out. (Hint hint… Blue Ray and HD-DVD is only couple months away ? :clap: )
DL is pretty much DOA I don’t understand why they keep increasing the burning speed. We can’t even get rewritable media higher than four times.

I predicted almost one year ago that DL would become obsolete before the price fell to the level where I would routinely buy and use such discs. It now appears that I may be proven correct.

I too have a 25 pack of the Memorex DVD+R DL from the CompUSA sale. Great price, terrible media. I would not buy it again.

I also got a pack from the compusa sale (they let me return it opened though). I only burned 5 disks on three diffrent burners (aopen 1608/1616, liteon 851s@832s, nec 3500) and all 5 disks were total crap.

I’m real curious to know the timeframe for the rollout for these? We will all need new burners, right? And what about playback on current set-top DVD players? And how much are these blank discs going to cost? DVD+R DL is still $2-$3 a piece on sale. What are they going to charge for BDs and HD-DVDs?

wayyyy too expensive. but as far as the discs they have worked fine for me:

some scans

and some more

and some from my 3500 @4x here

and a new one from the last week to check if it was degrading:

No offence, but that is a pretty ugly looking spike at the layer break (a bit above book standards). They actually play and read fine around the layer break? I get much beter results with verbatium (there is still a spike at the layer break but it is substantially smaller).

The rest of us must got bad batch. I know some had no problem burning them.
May be it was made by different vendors.

Last week Bestbuy had the Verbs on sale in 10 packs for $20+tax. So they can be had for even cheaper. I agree though that anything but a Verbatim for double layer is a waste of money. As for HD DVD and Blu-ray? Well that may be true that the D/L format won’t get a very long run but come on. I have yet to see a HD DVD or Blu-ray burner that is under $1K and the discs are somewhere in the $20-$30 a peice range. When you consider that high quality D/L burners can be had for $40-$50 (shipped) or less and quality double layer media (ie Verbatim) can be had for about $2 a disc when on sale, it hardly seems like the other is going to take over anytime in the near future. I say D/L will be around for another 2-3 years at least.

I know sometimes next year… Last I heard HD-DVD around Feb 06 and Blu-ray around spring. 06 correct me if I’m wrong.
I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be way too expensive for some of us to be able to afford it. But I would really love to record Hi-def shows (if they don’t lock the signal) so I can watch them at my own leisure.

All the dual layer memorex that has shown up has been ritek so its all made by the same company (maybe in more than one plant though). Ritek is getting a really bad reputation for poor media latlly. I know people that used to swear by ritek that will not touch the stuff anymore. Still, a lot of the ritek scans I have seen including my own seem to burn good across most of the burn, but there are some really bad areas. Maybe there are just not very many firmwares that properlly support this media yet? That would explain why a few like it. Then again (no offence cnlson, nothing personal), it might be some consider a burn that spikes up to nearlly 400 pi good (maybe because the rest of the burn is clean?), personally, I dont.

That is the problem as there are still a number of people (myself included) who haven’t converted to HDTV. Too damn expensive and the technology seems to outdate itself after only a few months (ie higher res and more support on the newer models). So the apps that are flexible for both applications that are the most cost effective will be the ones that are around for a while. I just don’t see that with HD-DVD or Blu-Ray at this point.

none taken :slight_smile: thank you for posting the sunday ad’s every week!

They actually play and read fine around the layer break? I get much beter results with verbatium (there is still a spike at the layer break but it is substantially smaller).
these are data dvds and if you check the 2nd and 3rd links you can see the transfer rate scans as well as error scans… not too bad in my estimation… i went and looked at the scans since they were posted a while ago and there was very little dropback on 1 of the 2 discs i posted.

i had coupons and a gift certificate so i really did not spend very much for them. i did get the 10 verbs for 20 (actually 10 since i won a $10 gift card at work) but i really have no use for DL media so i haven’t burned any more than the 3 i originally burnt. i have a total of 9 more ritek and 10 verby on the wall o media but i haven’t taken a picture since i bought them.

lol, I really dont have much use for dual layer either. I guess I have just been spoiled by the very limited media I use. I have a few dozzen media codes on my shelf, but have two I actually use. Honestly, I’m drunk (and about to go talk on another forum about me using this blower moter to cool my computer)
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I apreciate any cudos I get on my hard work though
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Wow, that’s a cool (pun intended) blower for cooling your PC! :slight_smile: For a minute, I thought you had routed the ducting to the outside to bring in cool in and blow into your PC case. :slight_smile:

For a second there (when I first flashed over the pic) I thought he had hooked up a car turbo to the thing. :doh: