Memorex DVD +- R any good?

So any comments about Memorex DVD ±R?

i’ve never bought them, as always thought they were budget media, but lately just saw some deals around my area nd aws wondering if they were worth a go?

for aussies: Officeworks Memorex Printable 100 DVD + or - R $29.95

they look like this:

Ive never seen those packaged Memorex disks (im in the UK) but from my limited experience of Memorex media be it cd, dvd-r or +r i wouldnt use it for anything very important. If i had to guess the dye on them i bet its CMCMAG which may be fine for some but i have found alot of it scans rubbish and my home dvd player barely reads CMCMAGAM3 stuff.

They are usually Ritek or CMC. I’d shell out the extra $5 and get Verbs.

Stick with Verbies…I have some Memorex -R (CMC MAG. AM3), and while playback is flawless, I have seen better AM3 under different brands (TDK etc).

The inkjet-printable Memorex DVD+/-R’s are usually Ritek-made these days (though the occasional package may contain CMC-made discs).

ahh ok thanks for that

i was pretty much just curious, but hadn’t really thought about getting them. was only considering getting them for some tv recording on the dvd recorder, but if people have had bad experience using them as playback then stuff that :stuck_out_tongue:

might get some cheapo TDK Gold DVDs for my tv recording then. Anyone used those?

TDK are pretty much the same as Memorex, usually Ritek or CMC. In Aus, the DVD-R are usually TTH02 made by CMC, and the +R are CMCMAGM01, same as the Memorex. Unless you get the Made in India ones, which are TDK003.
But as I said, 100pk of Verbs at Tandy are like $32, which is cheaper per disk than the TDK Gold packs I’ve seen around, so I’d stick with those.