Memorex DVD+R 8X 50 for $19.99 Circuit City

Just got me a some of these.

Buy 1 pack of 25 and get one free instantly

Not sure of the media code till I get home

I just got a couple packs. The Circuit City in my area had them for $18.99 for two packs. The media code is MCC 003 !!! Unbelievable. I’m going back for more…but there were only 3 packs on the shelf when I left…

On second thought, I looked at the second pack, and they were CMC E01s…might not be worth the drive if they’re probably sold out by now.

Was there any difference in packaging?

Different contry makes etc.

Please let me know I can swap mine for MCC


The plastic shrink wrap was identical, near as I can tell. The cake box is identical too. Nothing from the outside gives any clue. It seems pretty much luck with Memorex as far as what you get.

I think you are right, both my spindles were prodisc r03, which will burn at 12X in my benq, I have never used ths media before and hope it burns well :slight_smile:

Prodisc R03 burns fantastic in the 1620…

I have used the Prodiscs 03s with my NEC 3500AG and had excellent results @12x. not sure about Benq but I think that is a very consistant media

I also got Prodisc R03.

go one CMC E01s and one RO3

Got my 2 packs of 8X -R today and they are Ritek G05.