Memorex dvd-r 4x

I went to Wally World on Friday and purchased these Memorex. When I got them, the media said that they were MCC. I was pleased but after the first 2 burns for backup games for my xbox, they movies that I backed up, would not read in anything but the 2500. I went through 4 coasters before I went and got a new bunch. This is the media info after I burned and the complete media code. Were these a fake?

How did you get those -R’s to have a book type of DVD-ROM?

I have NO IDEA. I was making a backup of some xbox games that i purchased over the weekend and some movies that I bought also. 2 of the games were ok but when I did the movies, all HELL broke loose. I wasted 2 blanks on a movie that would only play in the Nec. I returned them back to the store and bought some +r’s that are working fine with a DVD_rom booktype. Doesn’t get any better than that. The +r’s that I have are Memorex and have a CMC id.