Memorex DVD+R 25 PK $7.99 Circuit City

I just returned home with one pack. Nero IDs them as Verbatim MCC 004. Ordered another 25 pack for pickup.

good luck getting another pack of MCC.

memorex otusources to anyone and everyone. the odds of you getting 2 of the same type of media in a similar pack is next to nothing.

i’d avoid memorex like the plague if you want to have any idea of what kind of media you’re getting. epsecially if you want to get MCC. why don’t you just buy verbatim when they’re on sale. they’re on sale like every other week a tleast.

also $8 for 25 isn’t that great of a deal. 50 packs of every brand are always on sale for $14.99 (only like $1 less, but at least with other brands you ahve an idea of what you’re getting)

I concur. Unbranded TY isn’t much more expensive than that Memorex stuff and the Verbatim is actually cheaper.

hahaha, memorex?? I am still scratching my head how this can be hot?? Sony TY 50 on sale for $15, if you take $7.99 X 2 = $16 for 50. And what is the chance of getting another MCC 04 spindle?? And the authentic MCC 04 Verbatim sells for $14.95 for a spindle of 50, which is still $1 cheaper than the Memorex.

this deal is an everyday deal, nothing extraordinary about it.

Geez guys don’t make him go kill himself because he picked up 25 Memorexes!

Actually I sort of had an idea that I should avoid Memorex and stick with MIJ Sony/Fuji or Verbatim to get TY or MCC. Now, thanks to this thread, I know why I should do that! I didn’t realize memorex was so care-free with their outsourcing, thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

last time I got memorex 25 spindles of 16x DVD+R, it was Ricoh JPNR 03, and it was CRAP! It would NOT burn reliably @ 16x, and no matter what speed I used, I had BIG spikes in error rates about 2/3-3/4 way through the disk! They were garbage, I gave them to somebody I didn’t like. Now I have a stockpile of yudens, and I don’t really need any media. Allthough, IF you could verify they were ALL MCC04, that WOULD be a worth while buy. MCC04 is dang good media, not a bad price for 25 spindles either. I have about 2 teon CMC E01s, which I give away to people. They cost $5 for 40. If you can’t get yudens, those memorex MCC 04s are a good alternative. Allthough the Sony branded Yudens are really common theese days. For $15 for 50 yudens, it’s hard to beat that! I stocked up on those and the Fuji color 30 packs of yudens for $9. All in all, I have about 200 yudens, and about 75 other disks. I’m SET for a while! :iagree:

Every week, if you dont see media go on sale at one store, it will be on sale at another store. So being patient is virtue. Another thread has fuji spindle of 30 goes on sale at bb for $9.99, MIJ. So I am gonna price match with staples tomorrow since I have a few empty ink cartdridges.

Next time I will go easy on the OP because he prolly wont post anymore memorex deal, hehehe

Can you find the Fuji 30 pack listed on the Best Buy web site? I can’t find it.

He said it wasn’t on sale so it won’t be in a ad.

How can you price match then?

Well, good news for you guys out there, $9.99 for a spindle of 30 is a regular price at Fry’s Electronics, but good luck on landing on an MIJ. Since it is not advertised, you either have Staples call Frys or buy a spindle at Fry’s and use the receipt for Staples to Pricematch. Sorry for those who live in an area where there is no Fry’s electronics.

Staples regularly has spindles of 50 on sale for 14.49