Memorex dvd+r 25 pk 10 bucks... any good?



Best buy has these for 10 no rebate needed… are these any good? I have the Plex 716A


Yes, if you are referring to the 8x discs, they should work very well in conjunction with firmware 1.04.
Example scan by Ian@cdrlabs here:


should be good. here’s the same MID but TDK branded 8X DVD+R. can’t overspeed past 8X. below was an 8m17s burn. scans done at good accuracy.

tla 0101
FW 1.03
size: 4464mb

Avg Max Total
PIE 0.26 15 36912
POF - - 0

Avg Max Total
PIF 0.01 2 1238
POF - - 0


If that’s of any help, the +R 8x Memorex I got at Staples last week were Moser Baer (MBIPG101-R04-001), not CMC.


Staples is a great place to get discs because of teh %110 price matching… I just picked up some HP dvd+r 8x for $9… I used the sunday ad from officemax. I believe a printout from the internet will work too as I used one when I purchased a router from there using an amazon printout.



When you can buy Verbatim 50 packs from Best Buy for $19.99 - WHY would you want to buy Memorex???



well now that I know… I am going to get a best buy circular. What speed are the verbatim?


lol, i thought you meant CD-R for a sec.

8X + or -


8X, also Supermediastore has the same for $30 per 100 after rebate. They are MCC (-R) and burn quality is very high on my 3500.

Some people over here have reported TY for the +R.