Memorex DVD 16+/-DL4RWnD2



Which NEC model is this re-badged as, exactly?

Memorex DVD 16+/-DL4RWnD2
Part Number: 32023292

I have seen some posts that address drive ID’s that are close to this but not axactly this model.

It is an internal burner and I have seen the xternal version referenced here.

The latest firmware from Memorex is:

Thanks for your help


It is an NEC 3520.


sorry, would that be a NEC ND-3520?


You are correct sir!


Sweet! Thanks


What would the difference be between the NEC ND-3520 and the NEC ND-3520A be? is the A drive external?


No, same drive. Basically the same deal with the ND-3500 and ND-3500AG.


Where can i obtain info on this memorex firmware?


Will update the 3520 page with this firmware when I’m back from work this afternoon.