Memorex DVD 16+/-DL4RWnD2



Does anyone know if the:

Memorex DVD 16+/-DL4RWnD2
Part Number: 32023292

Is a re-badged drive?



Edit: Just noticed that it’s not exactly the same id (DVD16+/-DL4RWnD2 vs. DVD+/-DLRWN16 D2) but it’s still probably a NEC since it has a N in the id string. Maybe one is for the external and one for the internal or one is for ND-3500a and one for ND-3520a?


Just picked up a Memorex 3202 3292 16X Dual burner, and I downloaded the latest firmware, but it errors out when I try to install it??

It’s a Memorex DVD16+/-DL4RWID2.

I downloaded the firmware file: 32023292 nv1A3.exe from the Memorex site.

Nero reports a firmware version of “JWS5” dated 2/28/2005

When I run it I get the following error… “Target NEC ND-3520A is not found correctly”

Any help would be appreciated!!



Welcome to cdfreaks :slight_smile:

Your drive is a rebadged Liteon 1673S. See this page on our site under “4th Generation Standard (3S-v2)”/1673S:

The firmware you are trying to flash is for the NEC Memorex drive, so that’s why it doesn’t work ;).

IIRC JWS5 is the last firmware released for you drive, but you can flash to Liteon 1673S or 1693S firmware, which you will also find on our site.