Memorex Dual-X DVD-Writer

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In the 1970s, Memorex began producing audio and video tapes. The company now stands at the cutting edge of technology where digital worlds merge, and offers user-oriented, modular solution concepts for the changing needs of end users. Memorex focuses on digital media and the DVD-media growth market, which forms the interface between the PC/Office and consumer electronics sectors. The company’s product range includes a comprehensive portfolio of digital media and peripherals, including various storage media such as CD-R/RWs, DVD media, diskettes, digital audio CD-R/RWs and CompactFlash / SmartMedia Cards. It also includes internal and external CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD+RW drives and a broad and innovative range of input devices such as mice, keyboards and wireless devices such as the optical RF mouse with Mouseport™ or the RF multimedia bundle. Accessories such as flash memory readers round off the product spectrum

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I know very little about DVD-writers, but this seems an excellent review to me. Welcome back, OC-Freak :slight_smile:

Reviewing is like riding a bicycle … :wink: Nice to have you back again OC-Freak :slight_smile:

Great review OC-Freak. Good to see that you’re back.

How much priceless for this product

How much priceless for this product