Memorex Double Sided Dvd-R

Has anyone tried this media yet?

I just burned one side of this double sided media. It’s CMC Media and gave a score with Dvd Info Pro 0f 99.15%. Pretty impressive.:clap:

Scanned with which drive?

Sorry I forgot to mention that. Liteon iHAP422. This new drive replaces my old Benq 1655 which despite all the praise it has gotten, was an average drive with a lot of average scores and class 3 scans. It was very fussy about media. I do have plenty of TY media by the way, I wanted to try out these new double-sided discs since they are perfect for 2 disc set copies on 1 disc.;):wink:

I’d have some use for that too since i backup DL media on 2 SL discs… I just can’t imagine how I’ll label them though. That’d be a bitch to solve.

I don’t label my discs, I put all the info about the disc in Wordpad and
save it to a floppy and then print it out on card stock paper. I then trim it to fit the TDK Quad cases I use. With these new Memorex double-sided dvd-r’s, I don’t have to buy dual layer discs. As far as I know, no other companies are making double-sided dvd-r’s. In case anyone wants to know. the media code for these discs is CMC MAG.AM3.:bigsmile:

Ritek have had DVD+R double sided discs for some time. Haven’t a clue if they’re any good though.