Memorex DL +R's



A freind wanted some help makeing some VDVD’s, he need’d some DL’s so I told him to get some Verbatum[sp], he decided on these Memorex’s.

So far I have had 3 that the burners didnt see, and 3 garbage burns, they look good till they hit the 2nd layer then they go tits up…

Am I crazy, or are these disks really garbage???

Every scan has looked like this…


Some drives can handle them better than others, but we generally warn people not to buy Memorex DL disks. You were right to advise buying Verbatim.


The iHAS424 you have scanned with is not a true Lite-On, it’s a Optiarc rebadge. Were the discs burnt on this drive?

Here is a burn on a Mediatek chipset true Lite-On, and this is about what I usually get with the Memorex’s.


I tried one in the 1693, the 424 and also his external LG, all were crap burns…


Memorex = Memowrecks :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z
you buy cheap crap and you’ll get cheap crappy burns most of the time :sad: :doh:
with a few exceptions every once in a while.