Memorex DL on Plextor - Warning



I’ve gone thru 2 15-pc spindles of Memorex DL with my Plextor burner.

The first spindle had about 2-3 coasters in it and the 2nd had 12 coasters.
I only got 3 good burns out of 15. A 50% failure rate!

It didn’t matter whether I used Nero or DVD Decrypter (I found creating
an ISO file and burn using Decrypter to be better than burning w/ Nero),
the burn would “succeed” but the subsequent verify would always fail
at between 59% - 61%. There was obviously a manufacturing error since
it is the exact same failure on all the disks.

Never again will I get them!!!



Too bad you didn’t find this place first. The general consensus for D/L media is that if it isn’t Verbatim D/L DVD+R, DON’T BUY IT!!! Memorex outsources to Ritek (at least for it’s D/L media) whose quality has been questionable at best, as of late. Anyways, plenty of stories here just like yours about other D/L media. Sorry you had to go through that.



If you haven’t already done so, check your suppliers faulty goods return policy, Svp for example give 30 day return on anything they supply. No point burning more rubbish if you have anyleft that is.


Ouch! Sorry to hear about your Memorex experience :(…but Jesterrace is spot-on.


Unfortunately Verbatim is the only choice for now at least. The DL Verb’s really are excellent - all of the other DL discs don’t come anywhere near.


don’t blame the plextor :disagree:


Even though I’m not overly fond of Plextor DVD Burners, I have to agree that it is most certainly the fault of the media and NOT the burner. I believe he made it pretty clear in his original post though, that he believes that it is the media that is at fault and not the burner.


I don’t know what kind of media ID has Imation, but I’ve got a bad experience too with PX760A and DVD+ D/L, even if only with one. I started worrying that my new Plextor was a DOA, but if you say that is probably a medium problem (as it should be, since the error is KEY_MEDIUM_ERROR), I feel more relieved. Thanks to you all, I’ll stick to Verbatim, as I already do for DVD5.