Memorex/CMC DVD+R grumble

While browsing the cdfreaks forums I noticed that folk were fairly happy with their Memorex DVD+R 4x which were in fact made by Ritek. So I bought a spindle only to find that these were made by CMC (who are CMC, are CMC in fact Memorex?) and they are dreadful. Obviously Memorex have switched or use several suppliers or started making them themselves but bung all the different makes in the same packaging.
Although I am no expert these forums have demonstrated time and time agian that a)Media varies in quality, b)Burners “learn”, c)Consistancy and finding the right media for your particular drive are all important.
How on earth can any-one get reliable results if each time you buy a new spindle of discs of the same brand they’ve changed suppliers?

I think that company’s selling re-badged media should be forced to state the actual manufacturer (and the grade of the media) somewhere on the packaging.

Anyone with me on this?

I don’t think it’s practical or fair to make it mandatory, but as consumers, we can insist upon being told or choose not to buy. I buy from mail order places that clearly identify the media. I don’t care if it’s branded, I care who made it and what grade it is.

This is a lost cause. :sad: You might as well ask an auto maker to identify every component in a car, and who made it. They honestly don’t know who might be the maker on a given spindle of media, and they’re never going to make different packaging for each type. In the case of Memorex, it’s whomever meets their “specs” at the lowest price.

Personally, I’ve never had a single issue with CMC media in my NEC drives. I certainly can’t say that about Ritek, Ricoh or Prodisc, who are the other likely Memorex candidates. In fact, I look specificaly for CMC when I need cheap every-day DVD media.

Memorex like quite a few others (hp, tdk, and a host of others) use whatever they can buy cheaply in bulk. cmc is CMC Magnetics Corporation and as rdg said they are not bad for a “2nd tier” media company. With cmc discs you will find that there is a speed which they can be burnt and they will burn at that speed with good quality.

Ritek/Ridata on the otherhand had some great media and have fallen greatly in quality as an example their ricohjpnr00 media was a 2.4x disc that overspeeds to 8x with no problem and burns flawlessly in fact better in some cases than their 8x certified ricohjpnr02 so that may be why memorex no longer badges ritek. their own ritek media has had some problems with one of their 8x medias being limited in dvdburner firmwares to 4x because it was unable to be burnt at 8x

I agree that this is a lost cause and it can easily be avoided by ordering the manufacturers own label. I too do not care for the mixed results with CMC Mag discs. Part of it is burner and firmware issues though. Which burner and firmware do you have?

I have a Liteon 851 upgraded to cg4e. I have noticed that these CMC disks, unlike the Verbatim I usually use, when broken in half, seperate into layers rather than bending. Weird. If they are not properly bonded, even if they do burn OK, I would not expect them to last. In my drive the quality falls apart right at the end of the burn leading me to think that they can’t cope with the full 4.7MG.

Ok, its a lost cause but it doesn’t make it right. I still believe that when we pay our money we should know what we are getting. Don’t we have a right to expect consistancy? I am told Burners Learn. All I ask is that the maker is clearly stated on the packaging.

Perhaps it might be an idea if these forums published a list of actual manufacturers.

Not a good example. A good analogy would be buying a BMW and getting a Toyota instead. Surely you would not agree with that?

It’s really difficult to have a good example.

I’m not aware of many products which make life so difficult for buyers as dvdrs do, and I agree completely that they should be made to have the media code pressed on each and every box so people know what they’re buying.

Unless the media is a “lucky dip” of surplus stock etc. then they should know what they ARE packaging, so it would help the more knowledgable customers if they did include the code - of course, that’s not to say that “Bloggs & Co.” G04 would perform the same as Ridata G04, but it would at least give you some idea if you’re looking at a known good/bad code for your drive.

The question is: Does stating the MID code on a media spindle increase sales?
No - most people don’t know what a MID code is and it might even confuse some of the uninformed consumers.

Therefore, media companies will not do it…

Good point, those who DO care, are probably armed with a list anyway.

All praise to the online stores that DO bother to state the MID code for media they sell, and/or make drive recommendations.

Problem is that as customers become more interested in the MID codes, the more certain compaines will use other codes on their discs, as what happened with the recent batch of fake Taiyo yuden discs that flooded the market.

Although saying that there were a lot of companies that were duped themselves with the TY discs and they will probably be much more careful when buying ‘incredible deal’ discs.

But my piont is that it is the “switching” between manufacturers but “branding” them as the same media that is wrong, not that some makes are good or bad for this or that make of recorder. Most people, if they see Memorex on the label, would reasonably expect that they were made by Memorex, and that even if they are not, if they bought a repeat spindle of Memorex disks, they could be expected to perform like the previous ones. This is clearly not the case. This is especially worrying for those who are not technically minded. When I buy a jar of Marmite, surely I have the right to expect that it tastes like the last one I bought. Sounds to me that there needs to be some statutory minimum standards for recordable media.