Memorex Claims their DVD jewel cases are Safe, others, NOT. (?)

This is from the Memorex Website:

Both CD and DVD discs have a circular center hub - the axis on which the disc spins when inserted into a drive. But DVD discs are made differently from CDs; while CDs are made from one layer of plastic, DVDs are made from two tiny layers of plastic that, together, match the standard thickness of a CD. Because the two layers of a DVD disc are not bonded all the way to the center and are tinier by themselves, the DVD hub is weaker and more fragile than a CD’s. A DVD disc can actually sustain damage if stored in a traditional CD jewel case because these cases hold a DVD’s center too firmly. If the circular DVD hub becomes damaged, any movies, data, photos or audio files stored on the disc can be lost. To avoid such a loss, DVDs need special care and storage.

Memorex helps consumers care for DVD discs with DVD storage cases that have a patented, locking centering hub that properly holds DVD discs and prevent the circular disc hub from cracking. Available in several pack sizes and configurations, Memorex DVD storage cases are designed to provide consumers with a safe and secure way to store their DVD discs.

Are they making silly claims, or is there truth to that?..I was hoping to get into buying a bunch of slim jewel cases to store my work on DVDs, but after reading that I’m not sure anymore. Would these slim jewel cases be unsafe because it’s holding the hub “too tightly” as they state?

And when talking about slim jewel cases, we’re talking about the small cd sized jewel cases, not the rectangle shape of typical dvd cases right?

I can’t decide between which is the most practical. Slim Jewel Cases (space and cost efficient); Memorex DVD Cases (at approx. $1 each! plus takes up way too much space but according to them is the only way to go :eek:)I’d go to that as the last resort or for really important backups; Spindle (Controversial…users say it’s fine, yet there are those who say that onc the spindle has been opened, the space in between isn’t as secure anymore and dust gets in everytime it’s opened. Along with HP’s claim that it’s not safe):

HP’s claim:

It’s not a good idea to store your DVDs on the spindle they came packaged in. Paper or plastic envelopes are a little better, but are vulnerable to damage and can leave tiny scratches on your discs over time. The best choice is to keep your discs in individual jewel cases.

or…if I use the verticial hanging sleeves in a metal case but rarely ever use the cds (they’re only for backup for when my originals fail) would that be a fine option? If i never touch those cds except for when my other backup(s) fail, would I be able to rely on those as my 3rd backup copy when it comes time that I really need them?

I can’t believe this is so complicated.:stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t know about the Memorex cases, as I’ve never come across them, but I keep 3 sets of backups.

One set in a case (aluminium) with hanging sleeves as you mentioned.
One set in slim jewel cases.
And my main “everyday use” set in a binder.

Seems to work well for me. :slight_smile:

My set in the case with hanging sleeves has saved my butt on a number of occasions, when my “everyday use” discs fail. I’ve never had to restore from the jewel cased set :eek:

As a general rule, never believe marketing-speak.

I have a very poor opinion of Memorex anyway and this sort of crap only confirms it.

HP doesn’t explain their assertion on the spindle storage. Lets see them back that up with some independently obtained data.

I use the hanging sleeve method. Jewel cases were too hard to keep neat and organized.

So then what Memorex said about jewel cases holding the center too tightly is not true for typical generic cd jewel cases, including the slim ones?

I use [B][I][U]regular[/U][/I][/B] sized black dvd cases

Ditto. :iagree:

The regular sized DVD cases being just like the kind that Memorex is talking about? Are those approximately $1 each?
Those aren’t slim sized then right?
Is there a reason you use regular sized dvd cases? Is it because of what Memorex is talking about?

[QUOTE=jcusimano2;2045825]I use [B][I][U]regular[/U][/I][/B] sized black dvd cases[/QUOTE]

How much space would that take? I couldn’t imagine using a regular black dvd case for each data backup disc I wanted to make.


Maybe for my most important files.

But where could I buy it at a good price? Do they go for under a dollar at a reasonable price anywhere? The cases are more expensive than the dvds! is that something to get used to?

You can get 100 reg size DVD cases on EBay for $20