Memorex CDR/RW (52x24x52) Drive = LiteON? Need Firmware

Hi all,

I just noticed that one of my other computers has a Memorex 52x24x52 CDRW drive in it. And I just found out that it is just a rebadged LiteON drive. If that is true, I was wondering if I could do a firmware update to it, to make it a LiteON drive (like the Sony DVDRW -> LiteON 832). I just figure the firmware by Liteon is better than the memorex one, as it has given me a little trouble at times, when burning some cdr/rw media. I am not sure if this is possible or where to get this firmware, and if it is possible, do I have to deal with the scrambled / unscrambled, etc. like I did for the 832s? Thanks for your help.


You can flash it to a liteon 52x24x52. No scrambling needed. All you will need is to do it in pure dos mode with the binary file, or use flashix in windows.

Hmm…, OK, I went to liteon’s website and went to the firmware section and downloaded: “LTR-52246S Windows 05/16/03”, which inside the zip had one .exe file. Now what should I do? I have Win XP Pro, so do I need to format a floppy with the “create startup disk” option, and then copy this .exe to it? And then boot from it and just run the .exe? Or is there another program I have to get along with this exe file? Thanks.

No you need a file called Flashfix. Search on google and read the directions. It allows any firmware to be applied to any drive (when applicable).