Memorex CD-RW speed change problem

I’ve been having an ongoing problem with my Maxx32 (the 1240ak ver.) where that if a blank cd is not inserted the drive reports in windows that it can write at 32x however if any (and I’ve tried several diferent brands) blank cd is placed into it the drive refuses to write any faster than 16x. I’ve already rewritten the firmware to ver .10 and have flashed my bios with the most recent version.

The problem started (I think) after a bios update, but I’m at the end of my ideas and sence Memorex inc has been no help whatsoever I could use any help I can get.

Thanks in advance!

If it makes any diference I’m running winXP on a Abit socket A MB and I’m using ata66 cable for all of my drives. The CD-RW is on it’s own on the secondary