Memorex CD-RW 700Mb 4x No Longer Burn

Hi people this is my first post hope you all can help me. Okay I have a Cyberdrive CW088D CD-RW drive and resently I have run into problems with it. Since I bought the drive last year I have used nothing other than Memorex CD-RW’s and CD-R’s but of late all my burning software says that the burns have been completed on the CD-RW but the driver, any drive that is, cannot read it and the systems think the CDs are emtpy. But the CD-R still work. I have some other CD-RW media that still works. Does anyone know why the Memorex CD-RW have stop?

Cheers thanks

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Hi Whitter, and welcome to the forum!
The Memorex RW media is pretty poor. It’s likely made by Infodisc, one of the truly bad media makers.
Suggest you toss it and get some Verbatim DLP or Fuji RW if you can find it. Other good choices are Maxell and TDK.