Memorex CD-R Quality - Discuss

Memorex media seem to come up a lot on this thread usually with the themes of “AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!” - But does Memorex deserve the bad reputation it deserves? How about for those that their writers work really well with? Indeed, I read on ebuyer they burned over 400 without a single dud. it didnt matter if the disc got damaged as I had several backups made anyway on different formats.

Yes. And no. I bought a 50 pack spindle (I use the word spindle very loosely, the one it came in was a joke!) as they were going cheap on Amazon (Which, by the way, why do we always see them in sales? Is it because they can’t shift unit, genuinely cheap, or is it because it really is an awful brand?) for a measly sum of £5.83, inc. free delivery.

Anyway, I’ve only burnt a handful so far using a variety of burners and a handful from several years ago (I only have one CD-R burned from 4 years ago maybe?) so really it isin’t anything to comment on and data backup solutions, along with the hard drive, external hard drive, and a memory stick. You can never be too safe :stuck_out_tongue:

They are all working just fine, playsback OK on CD players, and data CDs read, and copy, in just about every drive I’ve used it on - Matsushita, Phillips, Pioneer, Samsung, Lite-On… All readable just fine.

The media code, if anyone is wondering, is MBI (Moser Boer India) 97m17s06f, which MBI apparently have a large reputation for good media - Certainly not archival grade, but not trash media either.

The only serious brand I have issues with is Datawrite Titanium, running on the CMC MAG code. Never again, Datawrite. Discs refused to be burned, halfway before errors appear, and their reliability is sh1te!

Even a 4x DVD-R media is still going after about 5 years, where I expect it to be error plauged. Not so, it verified the disc just fine.

Those that are having errors with Memorex must have a problem burning discs - Some writers write better with certain brands than others, fortunately, other than Datawrite Titanium I haven’t had a problem with any brand I’ve thrown at it, ASDA, Datasafe, et al. Indeed, some writers don’t recognise a type of dye and therefore writing is not possible.

The discs I got were from 2008 (They can’t have had the discs in the warehouse that long, surely? :eek: ) before the awful reprints in 2010, and although I prefer the old packaging to the new one, the disc itself leaves a lot to be desired.

Lines to write on are not there, so for those that like the lines this can be annoying. The surface is slightly “scratchy”; which I prefer rather than a Sharpie slipping everywhere on a smooth disc like ASDA value ones.

The design shines of awfulness, you can tell it is a cheap disc, instantly. and the disc feels suspiciously light for some reason, and the underside looks a bit… I don’t know. I use a disc in a temporary emergency situation, but are certainly not used as a perminant basis. Discs are dirt cheap and as such, provide excellent distrubition ability for negligable cost.

The spindle is a joke, ridiculously flimsy and requires shoving to screw back on which smells strongly of a solvent - Possibly the CD layer bonding glue.

In summary, Memorex get a lot of stick by people warning them to stay way, but you can easily get a spindle of duds with Verbatims. My suggestion is if they go dirt cheap, as mine did, buy them and try them out. If they work good, keep them, but bare in mind as Memorex outsource, the quality and reliability might not be the same as the last spindle. So don’t buy and expect another pack of good ones if the last ones worked. :slight_smile:

(Eg, you can get MBI, CMC, Prodisc, in different spindles). :slight_smile: