Memorex CD-R 8x

Hi. Im am using my Samsung TS-H552B DVD/RW. I have been using Verbatim DVD-R 16x for a while to copy some DVD’s, and they have been burning fast and the quality was excellent. Today I brought some Memorex CD-R’s 8x, I copied a DVD with no problems. I then tested it out in my DVD player and after about 5 minutes it just stops and say “DISC READ ERROR”. I then tried playing the DVD again and it didn’t even play 5 minutes, imediately it came up with “DISC READ ERROR”. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? Thank you.

By the way I have the most up to date firmwire.

I’ve seen alot of compatibility issues and complaints of that burner here and on Videohelp, it likely has poor firmware support when it comes to alot of different media. If you find something that works well with the burner such as the Verbatims you were using, you should probably try to stick to it to be safe. Memorex uses alot of different types of media and some of it is of only average quality, but the fact remains that that particular burner is very picky, a Benq or NEC would probably burn the media fine.

Videohelp comments

Update: I’ve just tried playing it on my PC and it works perfectly! Please help. thank you

There’s not much we can do other than suggesting new media or maybe a slower speed. Samsung is at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to compatibility with a wide variety of discs.