Memorex CD-R 52x 30 Pack @ RS for $4.99

These are made in Taiwan. RS is Radio Shack, by the way.

Might these be worth it?

If you only need a few discs, the price is fair, but you can commonly find better prices than this in 50 packs and 100 packs. These come out to almost $17 per 100, nothing out of the oridinary.

Memorex CD-Rs I’ve used were ok, made in Taiwan I’m guessing they could be CMC or Prodisc(?). CD-Rs are pretty hard to screw up IMO, but some people swear by only TY or Ritek for CD-Rs.

Best Buy has some 50 packs of Dynex for $6.99, a little cheaper. Don’t get too caught up in brand names, there’s a very good chance they are using the same media.