Memorex CD-R 100pk Sale @ Office Depot

The sale ad said they’re $14.99, but at the actual stores you can pick up a 100pk wrapped spindle for only $11.99!!

I bought 2 already… stock up while you can.

Btw, I will post again shortly w/ the Media Code so we can find out what the true quality is.

Well, obviously DVD Decrypter isn’t telling me information about a CD-R.

What should I use to find out what type of media this is?

nero cd-dvd speed should probably do it

don’t worry…it’s not part of nero. it’s a standalone .exe file. no installation necessary.

Ok. Here is what they really are. Anyone know the quality of this media?

I have some maxells with that code and they seem to be good so far, but I’ve only burnt about 10


Nice price for Riteks

Definitely Ritek and I picked my 100 pack up for $11.99 yesterday.

You can get beter brand name of CD-R for the price.

What is the better brand and code to look out for on CD-R? Verbatim?

You name one, Verbatim, Fuji, Sony.